Friday, December 03, 2004

another day another dollar

all around me there are the ten corporate commandments. rules that each good and successful associate shall follow if they want to be a success at life and in the workplace. thats what i was told when i first joined the corporation. i looked at the wall and saw the phrases and i studied them. i wondered that if maybe i were to follow these rules that i would someday be one of the head honchos of the bix box but the rules were long and even though there were only ten i decieded that i probably would climb the never ending corporate latter if i fucked my way to the top and what a climb it has been.
i look back now on my first couple of months and i think if i only gave my boss a blow job earlier on i would have skipped the whole coffee run for the miserable dicks who signed my paycheck yet it was those literal miserable dicks that i had to blow to get to where i am now. who wants to here my journey ?